Yellow star has a solid experience in grain processing.  The company’s products have been easily accepted in the market and highly demanded beyond supply.  The solid experience of the managing director gives the company an edge in improved products development, while the accumulated expertise of some members of the production team bring value and a rare product mix to address key customer requirements and ensure value for money.

The company believes in building strong relationship with the suppliers of raw materials and the buyers. High quality raw materials are delivered by women who have been mentored over years to produce high quality grains. These are the formerly internally displaced women in Northern Uganda.  From the consistent support to these women, a strong and fully functional supply chain has been built.  The company continues to support these women groups with financial literacy and agribusiness skills. The skills have helped them during post-harvest handling and creating sustainable income generating activities. To this end, Yellow star continues to touch the lives of many formally displaced women in northern Uganda through market assurance.

Yellow star through its sensitization program has actively helped farmers in their post-harvest handling of the grains. This has been done by providing them with packaging materials at reduced cost and also encouraged the use of locally made granary.

Through the socio economic empowerment arm of Yellow Star, women have been empowered to diversify into other income generating activities like soap and herbal tooth paste. Income from these products has enabled these women educate their children, pay for medical care and generally improved the standard of living of their entire household.

Financial literacy skills:  our supplier groups have been further given financial literacy on how to form, manage and maintain village savings and credit societies.  In this way they can collectively access financial support to improve on their produce right from the point of cultivation

Yellow Star does business to business mentorship program. Farmers trained in practical agronomic practices organizational development, training on strategic planning