Peanut Butter: Yellow star peanut butter is a perfect combination of creamy and natural colour, natural organic textures with fresh natural taste. It is a combination of carefully blended ingredients of Roasted ground peanut  and simsim, salt is added to give it an irresistable taste.

Nutrition facts: Our pea nut butter contains calories 190g, Calories from fat 130, natural fats 24 %,Cholesterol 0mg %, Carbohydrate 8 g-3%, Dietary fiber 2g- 9 % ,Ribo flavin 2 %, Vitamin E 10 %, iron 4 %.

All Yellow star food products have several immense health benefits.  The richly mixed natural grains provide maximum content of protein for those that seek to attain lean body weight.  This product line includes millet flour  soya millet, roasted millet with cassava four for food, Soya four, soya rice flour  price rice and baby soya rice with oats&milk, baby soya rice with Enkejje soya maize,  To ensure balanced nutrition content, our producton experts carefully blend a rich fibre mix of all these cereals to ensure that maximum food value is realised

There are various forms in which you can consume soya, including soya millet, soya rice, soya maize , soya nuts and milk. These products can be consumed at any time in form of poridge by both adults and children.

Yellow star millet is gluten free, rich in fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins.  Millet has higher nutritional valve, especially phosphorus and iron . Soya is a rich source of nutrient with protein content, amino acids, iron, minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fats.

An essential ingredient of baby products include Carbohydrates such as maize, rice, cereal flour and proteins.  The source of proteins are milk, oats, legumes and seeds rich in our products. Baby grain products help the child acquire the needed protein fibre for faster growth while improving their immune system.

Average nutritional information per cereal of 100g in any Yellow Star baby Porridge is vitaminC-70gm—72g, VitaminB1 1.6mg—79, Vitamin B2 06mg—43,Calcium 842mg—50g,Iron 50mg—78g, Phosphorus 553mg-55g,Zinc 10mg-59mg. These grams vary with the product mix, and inputs.

Yellow star Honey: Yellow star Honey comes from the northern region and is generated from rich sunflower blended with eucalyptus pollen grains that give it a dark thick touch and scintillating aroma.  The basic nutritional facts of Yellow star honey are Fructose 38.38g, Glucose 30.31g, and mineral Ash. 0.169g, Moisture 17.2g, is reducing sugar 76.75g, Sucrose 1.31gand, true protein mg 1100g-168.6g.  Our naturally endowed honey is enjoyed across all households for all ages and has given a relief to the diabetics and those who want sucrose free sweeteners. Today, a Yellow star product is part of a daily meal in most of the households in Kampala and the surrounding districts.


  • Yellow Star Soya Millet Flourt
  • Yellow Star Peanut Butter Pure Groundnuts/Plaint
  • Yellow Star Pure Honeyt
  • Yellow Star Pure Honeyt
  • Yellow Star Soya Rice Flourt
  • Yellow Star Pure Groundnuts Paste For Saucet
  • Yellow Star Sims & Groundnuts Paste For Saucet
  • Yellow Star Baby Rice with Oats and Milk t
  • Yellow Star Baby Soya Rice with Enkejjet
  • Yellow Star Pure Rice Flourt
  • Yellow Star Pure Millet Flourt
  • Yellow Star Pure Groundnuts Paste For Saucet
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